Visual and digital designer focused on products and technologies that make a positive impact on humanity and the environment.
       In the last years I’ve been working as digital product designer and UX/UI consultant for Il Sole 24 Ore, collaborated with AlwaysBeta and Studio Folder, partnered with various studios and agencies and held lectures on Digital Design at Raffles Milano.
       Since 2014 I run an independent design practice. I favor clients and projects that have social, environmental, cultural or research finalities.


Curriculum Vitae
VAT number: 04879860262


phone: +39 347 751 4362


Redesign of Il Sole 24 Ore website, renovating the visual language of the news and media company and developing the design system for its digital products.
        Design of visual assets and illustrations for news articles, reports, videos, podcasts and newsletters.

Client: Il Sole 24 Ore
Year: 2017— 
Design direction: Laura Cattaneo
Motion: Maria Limongelli

⬤        Digital design, UX/UI design
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A series of visual reports designed to enhance news stories and economic insights through the lens of data and interactive visualizations.
        The topics addressed include semiconductorscryptocurrencies, the evolution of the Internet, the history of Covid-19 and the pandemic data, the rise of the Tech Giants, a guide to Superbonus 110%, and much more.

Client: Il Sole 24 Ore
Year: 2019—
Design direction: Laura Cattaneo

⬤        Digital design, Data visualization
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Digital product design for 24+, premium section of Il Sole 24 Ore, which offers an editorial selection of economic news, financial insights, data analysis, investigations and opinions.
        Along with the UX and UI of the platform and web-app I’ve been contributing with illustrations and other visual contents.

Client: Il Sole 24 Ore
Year: 2019 / 2020
Design direction: Laura Cattaneo

⬤        Digital design, UX/UI design
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